About 24/7 Nursing & Medical Services

24/7 Nursing & Medical Services is the chosen agency by the majority of hospitals throughout Sydney. We have shifts 24 hours, 7 days per week. We have a variety of shifts available, including general Medical & Surgical, Theatre, ICU, Midwifery,  Clinical Research, Home care, Community Health, as well as the Child Care Industry.

With 24/7 you can work around your lifestyle. You tell us when you want to work.

Shifts can be organised on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. We can also secure long term contracts for you in the same hospitals. We also run a Travel Nurse Program where you can have a short stint in one of the Country Hospitals. Working in one of the outback hospitals can be a challenging but very rewarding experience. Contracts range from 6 weeks to 3 months or longer.

24/7 nursing & Medical Services Australia

Rates of pay vary depending on your year of service. This is calculated by the number of hours worked and not the number of years you have been registered. One years' work is equivalent to 1176 hours. To determine your hourly rate, it is handy to have a Statutory Declaration prepared before you come over listing all the places you have worked and the total number of hours worked. Some agencies and hospitals will pay you as a Year 1 until you can prove what year you are.

The rate paid by agencies to their nurses is higher than that paid by the hospitals. There is generally a $4-5 per hour difference. Before commencing work as a Registered Nurse you will need to get your  Nurses Registration from APHRA. To find out what is  required contact APHRA on www.APHRA.com.au

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