Continuity of Staff

At 24/7, we are not 'aggressive' players within the industry. Rather than trying to provide staff to a large number of clients, we prefer to provide a large number of staff to a few select clients.

We believe in providing our clients with a continuity of staff. We do not approach new clients until we are meeting our current client's needs, or have staff wishing to work in specific areas.

Our statistics show that on average our Registered Nurses have each worked more than 40 shifts at each individual client.

24/7 nursing & Medical Services Australia

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We have also been able to identify that nurses have joined 24/7 Nursing & Medical Services because they want to work at particular places. On many occasions these nurses have been placed at the hospital by another agency but despite requests to be re-booked there have been placed at other facilities instead. Upon meeting our staff at the hospital they have then contacted us.

We believe in providing a continuity of the same staff members to our clients. We have staff that may only choose to work at one particular client hospital, Clinical Research or Private Hospital. We have structured our agency so that we can provide these shifts to our nurses and meet our client's needs. We have staff who are still working within the same establishment today that they worked in since our company first began.


Current database lists

Current Client Data Base

Since our business began, 24/7 Nursing & Medical Services supply staff to:

Private Hospitals | Public Hospitals | Pharmaceutical | Companies | Private Homecare | Defence Force | Private Homecare | GP Practices | Social Events/Festivals | Residential Homes | Nursing Homes | Rehabilation Homes | Rural & Remote Hospitals | Call centres

Current Employee Data Base

Since our company began on the 1 st July 2003, we have recruited over 3000 staff members.

The majority of our nurses tend to be from Ireland and the UK. A breakdown of our staff would be approximately: 50% Irish, 20% UK and 30% Australian.

These staff members consist of:

Registered Nurses | General Medical & Surgical | Midwives | Intensive care | Theatres & Day Surgery | Clinical Research | Nurse Educators | Certified Immunisation Nurses | Enrolled Nurses | Assistant Nurses | Porters | Ward Receptionists | Lab Staff | Admin Staff | Physiotherapists | Occupational Therapists | Doctors | Clinical Research Co-coordinators | Clinical Research Associates

97.9% of these staff have joined 24/7 through recommendation by others.

Training & Education

24/7 nursing & Medical Services AustraliaWe believe in taking a proactive approach to education. We recognize the value of having a highly skilled workforce representing our agency. Because of this belief, 24/7 Nursing & Medical Services offers training & education to its staff.

We currently have four Nurse Educators to assist with providing Manual Handling & CPR Education. These Nurses hold full time educator roles within their own workplace and contract their time through 24/7 to provide these services to our staff when required.

We recognize that nurses will target particular courses based on their individual needs which will assist them in developing their skill and professionalism within the workplace. We provide our nurses with a monthly educational Newsletter advising them of the upcoming courses with various training bodies.

At 24/7, we track all shifts requested by clients. We use this data to identify what shifts we fill and those that we don't. By identifying shifts unfilled we are able to determine if the gap exists because of a lack of nurses trained within that specific area. We have paid for nurses to attend specific courses so that they will gain the knowledge required to enable us to have the required staff for these shifts. This, in turn enables us to further assist 24/7 in fulfilling the needs of our clients, as well as developing the skills of our nurses.